What is a screw compressor used for?


The food industry extensively uses the rotary screw compressor. We offer outstanding screw compressors for industrial refrigeration and air conditioning. We attach particular importance to energy efficiency, to reliability, to profitability and to sustainability.

Screw compressors are state-of-the-art latest generation twin-screw oil-injected devices with open-drive, engineered and built specifically for refrigeration and air-conditioning applications. Compression is achieved by intermeshing asymmetric profile rotors, which rotate in an external direction, causing the male and female flutes to un-mesh, allowing gas to reach the machine’s top.

The gas will flow along the exterior of the rotor until it meets the rim, where it will be compressed; the gas will then be expelled through the discharge port’s opening.

The use of screw compressors in the food industry

Rotary screw compressors are a form of refrigeration compressor that can meet the needs of almost every refrigeration plant or device, whether in regular or custom setups. The swept volume capacities range from 200 to 10,000 m3/h and are available in a variety of versions and sizes.

Rotary screw refrigeration compressors are among the most technologically advanced refrigeration compressors on the market today. In comparison to other types of compressors, they are able to operate more efficiently, cleanly, and quietly.

A screw compressor can run almost continuously. The more your compressed air consumption is over a short period of time, the more it is in your interest to choose a larger tank which will act as a buffer to avoid a high number of starts.

High-quality screw compressors for you

We provide some of the best screw compressors. These high-quality compressors can handle all operations in food freezing. We will assist you in determining the type of screw compressor you need based on the types and quantities of industrial machinery in your facility.

These compressor units can handle all of the most typical refrigerants and process gases, and all of the modules have been chosen for ease of operation and accessibility, resulting in low-cost maintenance. When you buy a screw compressor from us, you should be sure you’re getting the right unit for the job. Our team of experts will work with you to make sure the screw compressor you purchase meets your needs in terms of capacity, construction conditions, and reliable service.

We offer one of the most extensive and extensive ranges of screw compressors available. They are designed with an emphasis on fuel efficiency, reliability, safety and ease of maintenance. These screw compressors are ideally suited for industrial refrigeration and air conditioning.

Affordable screw compressor units

Our screw compressors are one of the most affordable in the industry. Screw compressors are more energy efficient. It will operate for up to 40,000 hours with proper maintenance before requiring greater repairs.

Our team of experts will provide you with detailed knowledge about the best refrigeration technology for your manufacturing operation. Our goal is to assist our collaborators in improving their food production and processing techniques. Contact our agents now for a free no-obligation quote and experience the service of one of the best screw compressors in the market.


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