Things to Note When Ordering a Pizza Online 


Pizzas are no longer just the specialty of Italy. They are widely made, loved, and consumed all over the world. If you’re visiting Canada or you’re from Canada, then one of the pizza corners that you must try is the livraison Double Pizza joint. Based in Montreal, this pizza house is emerging as a clear favorite of pizza lovers. The many reasons that have made it the number 1 choice in Montreal are as follows. 

  1. The chefs at this place strictly follow cooking hygiene guidelines as laid by the food authorities of Canada. They value the lives of their customers and staff. Hence, they’re a very safe option during these tough times of the ongoing pandemic. 
  2. They are one of the very few places that deliver orders after the night curfew begins. 
  3. If you order Double Pizza online, this pizza house offers 1 point for every 5 dollars spent on their website. The value of 30 such points is equivalent to 1 all-dressed large pizza. Customers can also exchange the 30 points collected with any 3 toppings that they like.
  4. Such places offer special combo meals because they know pizzas can be expensive and many people might not be able to enjoy their favorite pizzas easily. Hence, they give out combo deals that everybody can afford. 

Having said that, let’s now take you through the 3 best combo deals that they are currently offering. 

The 7 Days Special Deal for Pickup Orders 

You’ll get 1 large cheese or pepperoni pizza at just 9.99$. A large all-dressed pizza is available at just 12.99$. So, you can easily grab a bite of your favorite pizzas without worrying too much about money. 

The C2 Special Deal for Online Orders 

You can buy this combo meal that will have 2 medium pizzas of your choice, 1 mid-sized packet of French fries, and 1 2L bottle of Pepsi at just 24.99$. 

The Game Night Special Deal for Online Orders 

You can buy this combo meal that will have 1 large all-dressed pizza, 8 juicy and crispy freshly-made chicken wings with 1 sauce of your choice, and 1 small packet of French fries at just 24.99$. 

The best thing about the online orders is that they can be customized. 

On a closing note, spending money on a pizza should be a matter of delight, not regret. And when you buy pizzas from a trusted pizza corner, you’ll never regret your decision. 

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