The Ultimate Guide To Coffee Machines – 5 Points!


Choosing the right espresso machine is so tough that it needs one (too many) cups of coffee! So, to help you make this choice in an informed fashion, here are five questions you must ask before saying yes to the brewer!

#1 How Many Cups of Coffee Do You Want to Make?

If you are anything like one of the famed Gilmore girls, 90% coffee and 10% awesomeness, there is a right coffee machine even for you. The first is finding the right coffee maker for your home or office is to understand quantity requirements.

Single-serve coffee makers are for people who enjoy their coffee but only two times a day. If your daily consumption is more on the lines of 15-20 cups, you should buy a coffee brewer that can make an entire pot.

#2 What Kind of Coffee Brew Do You Enjoy?

Everyone drinks an occasional shot of espresso. Unless you love the bitter goodness of espresso, on a good day, you might enjoy a latte or the good ol’ cappuccino more than espresso. So, before you shortlist coffee makers, understand what kinds of brews you are most likely to drink.

Many specialty coffee makers offer several types of brews. One such compact yet powerful multi-brew maker is the Jura E6 fully automatic coffee machine that must be on your list.

#3 How Much Space Can You Devote to the Coffee Machine?

Even if your day is incomplete without coffee, it certainly cannot take the whole of your kitchen or pantry space. Unless you have a lot of counter space, getting a bulky coffee machine doesn’t make sense in the long run.

And the good news is, you do not have to compromise quality over compactness. According to most Jura D6 reviews, it is a must-buy if you are looking for a sleek yet feature-rich coffee machine.

#4 How Much Time and Manual Work Can You Put?

Making a decent cup of coffee doesn’t take much. But to make a cup that inspires people is a work of art. However, you don’t need to be a big-shot barista to get it right. Most popular coffee machines come with pre-set advanced brewing systems so that you get the same delectable flavor and strength every time.

In this regard, the Jura A1 automatic coffee machine is an excellent choice if you want a perfect brew in just a few taps and pushes.

#5 What is Your Budget?

Last but not least, it goes without saying that your budget is one of the main deciding factors. However, budget is certainly not a limiting factor. There are several great options to suit all budgets. Research well before you select the final product.

Closing Thoughts

Finding the right coffee machine is a life-changing decision for most. But it doesn’t have to be the toughest one you make. Follow through the points above and read honest and exhaustive reviews on CoffeeAtoZ, and you are good to go.

Happy brewing!

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