The A to Z Of Banana Og Strain


Banana Og is made by mixing the cross of OG Kush and banana kush. It states that this Banana og strain results from two far-off cousins, interbreed to make an intense hybrid of banana-flavor kush in the kush family. The cannabis testing labs have signified banana og strain samples contains 16%-25% THC level. The analytical testing finds this out. This amazing compound carries a taste of THC substance.

What is Banana Og Strain

This amazing substance is also known as a creeper. This name is given because of its property that it feels like it is crawling on you right after gulping it. Compared with other strains it banana og strain impacts are very quick, and the strain will leave you feeling as nothing has happened that your taste buds are flawed for some reasons.

  • Banana og strain offers a sweet and gentle smoke, resulting from intermixing of kush, skunk, and haze. By intermixing these three, their hereditary qualities are drawn into the banana og with a strong taste.
  • It’s a balanced sensation, offering you long-lasting high and in control. You can enjoy banana og in any circumstance without the worry of going out of control.
  • But the amount needs to be checked since the feeling of not getting high enough makes you smoke more. It is leading to excessive smoking and not realizing its powerful making.
  • Banana og strain hit you strong; it doesn’t matter if you have smoked with caution. You are influencing your mind and body at once. You cannot escape the effect, so it is advised to have little intake and not bulk.
  • This tremendous strain is called Indica because of its 60% composition of indica. It was affecting every part of your body and mind.
  • Once you control the dose and intake of these awesome compounds, you are all set to smoke it away and chill with your friends. You are keeping in check its properties and strong characteristics.

Banana Og Strain Appearance

Now coming to the look of this powerful substance, it appears as a light green, tight, and thick bud improvement. Pretty much like that of indica assortments. Alluring orange-flavored pistols that are attached with the exterior of the banana og bud.

  • I am giving it a marginally textured appearance. Banana og strain resembles that of cannabis or marijuana.
  • The banana og strain blossoms are beautiful with yellowish color that seems like the setting sun.
  • You cannot see this; only if you grow it in your garden will you be able to witness this yellowish sun setting blossom.

Effects on your body and mind

Once you consume it, its effects take you by soft sneak in it. Starts with a delicate and smooth buzz on your body to the back of your head. Making you feel calm and at peace, leaving all your worries behind and living in this blissful moment.

  • As the effects spread to your body and mind, you will feel a relaxed and amazing euphoric vibe. You can just lay down on your bed and enjoy every moment of this amazing bliss.
  • The effects will lead to a smooth humming sound in your brain. Letting you feel peaceful and happy.
  • This strain is advised to consume less while you just started and carry forward by observing how your body handles it.


Leave behind your worries and tension, though keep in mind to start with a little dose and then go forward with more. It all depends on how your body reacts to this amazing vibe. Keeping in check the amount and dosage, this is by far the best way to chill out with your friends.

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