Look for Your Smart Whipped Cream Choices


Not every housewife knows how to whip the cream correctly to get the most delicate mass. Many have tried and failed. Everything seemed to be done correctly, but the result turned out to be unpredictable instead of a delicate fluffy mass, ordinary butter turned out. During whipping, the cream flakes, often it turns out that butter is formed instead of a delicate cream.

Whipping cream rules

Follow these steps each time to achieve ideal results. While the wrong amount of sugar can’t ruin your whipped cream, it may not give you the taste experience you were hoping for. You are adding the wrong amount of sweetener.

The Use of the Dairy Product

The dairy product must be high in fat not less than 33%. Therefore, choose the fattest creamthe cream will be fluffy. A product with a low percentage of fat can be whipped, but with additional ingredients (thickeners, gelatin, protein). It is advisable to dilute fatty homemade cream (with water or milk). For 1 glass of cream, add 100 ml of water or milk. When buying a product in a store, pay attention to the information indicated on the package: if the cream is of animal origin, then such a product needs to be whipped for a long time, if it is vegetable (palm oil, stabilizers, etc.), then whipping the cream will turn out faster. Other than that you can also make use of the Nangs. Now nangs are the slang term for cream chargers in Australia you can purchase the same for long term cream dispensing.

  • The main product, as well as all the utensils that you will use in your work, must be cooled. You can put everything in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. Some housewives send the cream to the freezer for 5 minutes to quickly chill the product. Please note that if the cream freezes, the product will separate and make butter. You can whip the cream in a container that is placed in a large container of crushed ice.
  • If the main assistant in this matter is the mixer, then in the first 1-2 minutes you need to beat the mass at low speeds, and then smoothly raise the lever, adding speed. Then the revolutions also gradually decrease and this must be done throughout the entire whipping process. You do not need to drive the mixer blades in a circle in a bowl, the cream will circulate by itself in an arbitrary order.
  • Whipping time: from 5 to 10 minutes is allocated, since the method of whipping the product must be taken into account. If with a mixer, then 5 minutes is enough, if manually with a whisk, then you need to beat for at least 10 minutes. Do not whip cream with a blender.

How To Whip Cream Correctly

We will prepare everything you need: cream 33% (glass), powdered sugar (30 g), vanillin powder (pinch).Using two to four tablespoons of sugar per cup of whipped cream is a good balance for sweet whipped cream. On the other hand, a heavily sweetened dish like ice cream or ice cream doesn’t need too much sweetness, and whipped cream with a few teaspoons of sugar or no sweeteners at all may be the best way to go.


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