How to build up a money-making pizza menu?


Your pizza menu should contain all the dishes that are offered by your restaurant. But, if your business doesn’t hit it off, it’s your problem. If you do not have a categorised menu, then it is nothing but offerings. Your menu should be attractive so that it attracts a lot of business. Menus are one of the most important aspects for a business’s success.

When choosing a menu, you will need to consider a lot of things. Every aspect of your business needs to be taken into consideration. Most of the sales come from the menu only. Whether you are dining in or taking it home, you will always look at the menu first. The layout and overall design of the menu influences the order a lot. The Double Pizza online ordering customers will be influenced by the appearance of menus.

If the menu is designed the right way, it will surely move in a positive direction. This will also help to increase the profit. Well, some of the prominent ways that can be of great help for making money from your pizza menu include the following

Placement power

Well, when the customers look at your three or two fold menus, the first thing they check is the middle page. Very rarely does it happen that the customers check the right or left. This is referred to as the eye gaze path. Experts suggest that most of the time is spent cross ordering from the menu.

The triangle through which you check the menu is referred to as “Golden Triangle”. When placing the dishes, they should be maintained in a proper manner, to ensure the eye of the customer catches the right area. Well, your properly arranged menu can itself act like a salesperson for you.

Use a decoy

How do you place a decoy in a pizza menu? Align the high priced and low priced items next to each other so that your customer is distracted by it. If you align the high priced dishes in the same position as the other high priced ones, the customers may feel a little uncomfortable. Moreover, it is going to impact their sales in a negative way. It is necessary that you consider the deals thoroughly.

Use color

The influence of colors are undeniable when choosing one for the pizza menu. Colors can play an important role in invoking the emotions. Well, certain colors have reported to increase the purchase drive too. Some of the colors that can influence the buying decision include red, green, orange, yellow and blue.


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