Foods You Should Not Throw Away

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Keeping kitchen happy, clean and healthy requires you to clean out your pantry and fridge on a regular basis and you end up pitching things that seemingly don’t belong anymore. The whole process does give you a sense of satisfaction, but wouldn’t you rather be less wasteful instead? Did you know that there are a lot of things which look as if they should be thrown away immediately, but actually have second lives? Listed below are some of the foods that you can use in new ways rather than just dumping them in the trash because they look bad:

  • Black Bananas 

Ripe or overripe bananas can simply be placed in the freezer rather than being thrown away. You can thaw them out later and use them for making banana cake or bread. As per Chef Ido Fishman, they can also be kept frozen until you want to make a smoothie or you also have the option of blending them into amazing and delicious banana ice-cream. 

  • Chicken Bones 

If you are deboning or cutting a whole chicken, you should save the bones for making stock. Bones can also be saved from roast chicken or rotisserie for making brown stock that’s a bit deep-flavored. Whatever the case may be, you can just throw the bones in the freezer until you have accumulated enough for making a batch and then take out time for making the stock. 

  • Brown Vegetables 

Always keep a plastic bag in the freezer in which you can store any brown vegetables you may have. This includes carrots, scallions, onions and celery as all of them can be used for making stock later on.

  • Vegetable Tops 

There is no point in throwing out the edible vegetable tops. Haven’t you paid for them? They are tasty and they are also good for you. Ido Fishman says, radish tops, carrot tops, fennel fronds, kohlrabi tops and beet greens are some of the best. You can experiment with various ones, eat them raw, toss them into soups or just consider sautéing them. 

  • Stale Bread 

You can simply transform stale and dry bread into croutons. You can also run the bread through a food processor and simply freeze the crumbs indefinitely in order to use them later on.

  • Bacon Grease 

People were definitely onto something when they said that your stove should always have a jar of bacon grease. This smoky and flavorful fat has a high smoking point, which means that something can be seared in it on high heat. 

  • Squash and Pumpkin Seeds 

When you scrape out the seeds of a hard squash or pumpkin, don’t just throw them away. They can be stored for making a delicious snack. You can choose to use your favorite spice blends for jazzing them up or roast them plain. 

  • Pickle Juice 

You can pickle other things with pickle brine or give some tang to salad dressings and salads. It is also handy for soothing a sunburn and can add a zip to your bloody marys and martinis. 

Rather than wasting good money, you can just store these items and reuse them again. 


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