Five Reasons Steaks at Steakhouses are Better than Home-Prepared Options


A lot of steak lovers compare the steak served in a steakhouse and the one prepared and cooked at home. But, even after trying so hard, steakhouse steaks always dominate the game. The following are the reasons steakhouses like the Rib n Reef steakhouse restaurant cook more mouth-watering steaks than those prepared at home:

They Use a Good Amount of Salt and Fat

The majority of home cooks are overly keen and hesitant about the use of extra salt and fat on their steak due to different health reasons. Such a conscious approach robs the steak of the delicious taste and improved flavor usually present in the fatty cuts of meat. Steakhouses cook their steak with some extra salt, which is quite essential to seal the juices and make the steak delicious. 

They Use the Best Cuts of Meat

Steakhouses can easily get the best and finest cuts of meat compared to the meat you can locally get from supermarkets or your neighborhood butchers. Steakhouses compare steak that has been stored and aged for varying times. The cattle have been cattle grazed on different farms from distinct and various regions to find the most flavorful and tender meat. There is only a minimal number of suppliers of this type of meat. Because the meat is barely stored in a freezer and is properly treated, the meat fibers don’t toughen.

They Use Fresh Ingredients

Reputable steakhouses use very fresh ingredients not stored for an extended period. But, most people who cook steak in their homes use stale ingredients stored for a long time. 

They Have the Proper Grill

Home cooks may end up having very raw and burnt steak as they don’t have the properly heated and flat grills used in a steakhouse to ensure the meat is perfectly cooked and warmed. As steakhouse chefs are used to the cooking exercise, they don’t’ spend too much time trying to turn the meat to verify its doneness.  This helps improve and make each cut perfect as the steak goes straight into the grill at a good temperature. Also, this approach is important to seal the juices, rendering the steak delicious when compared to the one prepared at home. 

They Have Great Connections

Steakhouses work well with butchers who inspect and choose the best meat. Steakhouses use the USDA prime steaks, which are of the highest quality compared to other cuts out there. Such type of beef can’t be found in local supermarkets. The quality of the meat used for cooking steak will affect the result.


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