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Mexican cheese dip or Mexican queso dips are similar to white cheese sauces that you get served in Mexican restaurants. It is so delicious and so versatile that you are going to fall in love with this super simple Mexican restaurant-style white sauce.

Everyone in my family loves this Queso Blanco recipe. It has become like a tradition to serve it during a weekend or any occasion like a birthday. You won’t believe me but in my home, a weekend without cheese dip with tacos means upset children. They are so obsessed with this cheese dip.

This Queso Dip recipe is for people who tried to make a Mexican cheese dip like Mexican restaurants and failed to achieve it. If you want your cheese dip to be silky smooth like the stuff you get in the supermarket, then you will need a fake cheese like Velveeta or other processed cheeses.

Well, some recipes are made using real cheese and combinations of cream and mayonnaise. But the problem with this recipe is, the cheese congeals when the dip cools down. If you can keep it warm, the taste is unmatchable – it’s super tasty, but again the dip will split when rewarmed

So, what’s the solution? Mexican Shred Blend – A perfect blend of Mexican shredded cheeses by Pure dairy. Honestly, it works.

Pure Dairy’s Mexican Shred Blend is a combination of the four most popular Mexican cheeses: Monterey Jack, Natural Cheddar, Queso Quesadilla, and Asadero. The way it adds authentic Mexican flavour to your dish is impressive. It melts and blends easily, which makes it the best choice for a Mexican cheese dip. You can even freeze this Mexican shred cheese to make it last longer.

How to Make Mexican Cheese Dip

To make Mexican cheese dip, you will need Mexican cheese, Milk, butter, and some spices. Let’s start with all the necessary ingredients and their quantities to prepare a cheese dip.


Mexican Shred Blend         1 cup

Milk                                         ½ cup or as needed

Butter                                                 1 tablespoon

Green Chili               4 ounce, finely chopped

Cumin                                    2 teaspoons

Garlic powder                       2 teaspoons

Onion powder                       2 teaspoons

Pepper                                   to taste


Step 1: Heat a saucepan over a low flame.

Step 2: Once the pan is heated, add butter, milk and Mexican shred blend. Let the butter melt.

Step 3: Stir frequently until the cheese is melted.

Step 4: Stir in cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, green chilies, and pepper.

Step 5: Mix well and add some more milk if the cheese dip seems too thick.

Step 6: Garnish with some coriander and serve immediately.

Mexican cheese dip tips and trick

  1. Use half milk and half water, although the final texture might be different (thicker or runnier) than you wanted it to be, the taste will be delicious! Sometimes I add in more than 1/2 cup water to make the dip runnier.
  2. Canned pickled jalapeños – if you don’t want to use regular green chili, find canned jalapenos. A jar of jalapenos works here, too.

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