Are Subscription Boxes Worth It? 3 Hidden Benefits to Consider


Are you someone who constantly sees subscription services pop up on your social media accounts or as ads on different websites? You’ve been starting to wonder, are subscription boxes worth it?

You’re not the only one who wonders that!

You have to work through the idea of spending a certain amount monthly or quarterly and wondering if you would’ve spent that otherwise. You wonder if you would’ve spent less, the same, or more.

You’ll never truly know how much you’d spend otherwise, but we can tell you that subscription boxes are worth it!

We’ve compiled our top three hidden advantages of subscription services below.

What Are the Types of Subscription Boxes?

In a world full of online shopping and consumers who prefer to shop digitally, subscription boxes are another way to shop without truly shopping. Subscription boxes have become extremely popular, ranging from pet boxes to beauty boxes, and snack boxes to sock boxes.

Food Boxes

One of the best subscription boxes that is growing in popularity is a food subscription box. Why?

Because who doesn’t want a box sent to them in the mail with different snacks and good food?

One of our favorite food boxes is the Snack Perk subscription box. You get to choose what types of snacks you want in your box, whether it’s a healthier box or one full of goodies. You can also choose the number of snacks you get monthly depending on the cost of subscription boxes you are looking for.

Pet Boxes

Who doesn’t love to spoil their pets with treats and toys? If you are someone who wants to spoil your furry friend even more than you probably already are, signing up for a subscription box for your pet is a great way to keep the toys and treats coming on a monthly basis!

Clothing Boxes

A lot of subscription boxes that deal with clothing make it easier for someone who doesn’t necessarily love to shop. If you struggle to pick out an outfit or what clothes you should be buying, many clothing subscription boxes will do it for you!

You won’t have to worry about if your shirt matches your socks ever again!

Beauty Boxes

There are hundreds of makeup products and beauty products on the market today. With women averaging 12 beauty products a day, it is no surprise that a beauty subscription box would be popular.

You usually get to fill out a form or quiz with your preferences, skin and hair type, and any other important information for the subscription company to send you new products they know you’ll love! 

Before you know it, you’ll be averaging 20 products a day!

So Why Are Subscription Boxes Worth It?

With so many different types of subscription boxes, it may be overwhelming. You also may be wondering how do subscription boxes work better than just going shopping?

And we understand your concerns with this! But we’re here to tell you that subscription boxes are worth it.

Customizable to Your Preferences

Depending on your preferences for clothing, food, drinks, beauty products, etc., you may have to drive around to 10 or more stores simply trying to find a few of your favorite products.

If you choose to sign up for a subscription service, you are choosing one that fits your needs! Instead of wandering around to find beauty products from five different stores, you can get the five delivered straight to your door!

Or even better, if you aren’t sure what products are right for you, a subscription box will give you samples of a ton of different products to help you choose! A lot of times they’ll even throw in a bonus for you as well. And who doesn’t love a bonus?


This is the biggest question of all. When it comes to money, are subscription boxes worth it?

The idea of a subscription box is that you as the consumer receive the items in the box at a lower value than their market value. And now you’re wondering, how in the world does that work?

Since different companies partner with subscription box companies, they receive products in bulk, which automatically makes the product cheaper. But because the product was already given to the subscription company at a lower price, they can also offer it to you at a lower price than what it would be at a store.

Because of this, receiving items in a subscription box is more cost-effective than going to the store to purchase them.

Keeps You on Your Toes

One of our favorite reasons to sign up for a subscription box is because the best subscription boxes keep you on your toes! Once you fill out the things you like or items you prefer, they often will surprise you with items they think you will like.

Did you say your dog is a large dog breed? They’ll surprise you with cute toys and fun treats made just for him!

Did you say your hair is curly? The subscription box company will surprise you with products they believe will be perfect for your hair and keep you happy!

Get Subscribing

If you were wondering are subscription boxes worth it before stumbling on this article, we hope that you realize now that they are! Whether you want the most cost-effective option or want more surprises in your life, you can’t go wrong!

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