5 Unique Installments to Your Serve ware


Nothing impresses your guest more than unique or extraordinary serveware. Women all around the world have been in the search of exquisite dinnerware and serving dishes for ages. They don’t hesitate to go a little out of their budget just to buy that one specific piece of serving ware that had caught their eyes. Although much sought after, distinctive serveware are rarely found or come at a higher incentive.

Amazon possesses a vast collection of beautiful and delicate serveware. These items are available at an affordable price and are destined to set your collection apart from others. In this article, we present to you five unique serving ware you cannot find anywhere else. To check out our list, continue reading this article and discover worthwhile suggestions.

1-   Wooden Triangular Mukhwas Serveware

Introduced by Generic – SataanCollect, This refreshment serving ware is a triangular wooden frame inside which three delicate round containers are placed which are also made of beautifully patterned wood. It is used to serve traditional after-meal refreshments i.e. Mukhwas and other kinds of freshener. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is handmade and formed from Sheesham Wood. This fascinating serveware is available on Amazon and can be purchased using Amazon coupon to get discounted prices.

2-   Gold Font Turkish Coffee Mug Set

It is a gold-lined, porcelain coffee mug set specifically designed to serve Turkish coffee. These are cute, compact, and easy to hold. Moreover, its set consists of twelve pieces of cups and saucers and is available in three different colors.

3-   Bamboo Set With 4 Bowls

Manufactured by Picnic at Ascot, this set is a perfect serveware for appetizers. It consists of a bamboo board that allows four white ceramic bowls to be installed inside. You can use it to serve fruits, dry fruits, salsa dips, and salads. With a unique serveware like this, you’re destined to get many compliments on your extravagant choice and attractive dinnerware.

4-   Wooden Taco Holder

Tacos are wonderful to have but difficult to serve. One hit and they get topple over one another, ruining the recipe you worked hard for. Trendy Together Wooden Taco Holder is a wooden standup rack made from durable Acacia wood and has a wooden handle for easy grip. It is designed to hold both hard and soft shell tacos and can support up to four tacos in one serving.

5-   3 tier Serving Platter

If your dining table is small and cannot bear many dishes at the same time, then this 3 Tier Serving Platter Stand by YHOSSEUN is a perfect match for you. It comes with a metal rack that is designed to support three porcelain platters secured firmly in their place. These dishes are microwave and oven friendly and can be used to serve multiple dishes at once. You can put sandwiches on top, salad or fries on the second and decorate the last one with cupcakes or desserts. An item like this is a must-have serveware utensil. Next time when you take it out in front of guests, they are going to be amazed and you’re going to get a lot of praise.


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