3 Ideal Spots to Eat Best Kunafa in Dubai!


Indeed, this Middle Eastern dessert is the integral part of everyone’s table in Dubai. Being Kunafa fanatic, you are in the right city as you can find the widest range of Kunafas in Dubai. No doubt, this Arabic dessert is now famous globally and every person has stumbled upon this awesome dish mostly served after dinner or lunch in the Arabic world.

While exploring out more, you find that it is the essential part of festivities and celebrations in the Arab World. That is not all; its demand increases a lot particularly in Ramadan.

Its ingredients such as sugar infused syrup, delicious pastries, cheese, clotted creams and nuts makes it lead the dessert line in Dubai. You should never believe a myth that it is very expensive in Dubai, so gear up to lighten up your mood with awesome Kunafas.

You should make sure that you read this write-up till the end and get an idea about the best places to eat Kunafa in Dubai. You can also judge its popularity by seeing foreign tourists, rushing to Kunafa spots amid up-coming Expo 2020 Dubai.If you also make the most out of this event then you should make sure that you get Expo 2020 Dubai Promo Code.

1.    Just Kunafa

Let’s start off with this prominent name of Kunafa in Dubai and you should never forget to kick off your kunafa journey from this perfect spot. Interestingly, you always find it crowded because of its immense popularity in the town.

As you explore its menu, so you find Kunafa ice creams, the combo of Nutella and Kunafa and the traditional one. Additionally, trying different variations of Kunafa never puts a huge burden on your pocket.

Contrary to its specific name, it also serves the widest array of awesome baklavas. Additionally, its every single ingredient is fresh; thus, it serves the high-quality desserts in Dubai.

2.    Graffiti Kunafa

It is another popular name for the Kunafa lovers in Dubai, so it should also be in your bucket list for trying unbeatable Kunafas. It is also not expensive; hence, people from every walk of life visit it regularly.

In this high-class spot, you find the different variations of this particular dessert such as Palestinian, Turkish and the Middle Eastern one. All of them are very famous among the masses, so you should make sure that you try them after having a nice meal.

It does not only cover the traditional flavours, in fact, it also comes up with the spin on different latest desserts and it means that you cannot ignore this famous Kunafa spot.

3.    Al Baba Sweets

Yes, it has also succeeded to exist among the leading Kunafa spots in the city. Since its launch, it has been serving high-quality desserts and it is one of the reasons why the masses trust it.

It is also very pocket-friendly, so you should feel free to try tasty Kunafas there with your friends and family. When it comes to its specialities offered by it, so they are Ashta bun Kunafa and Cheese Kunafa, so you must try them while visiting this place.

With trying different desserts in the town, you should also focus on one important happening in the city and it is called Expo 2020 Dubai. In order to avail maximum benefits from this event, you should get Expo 2020 Dubai Promo Code.


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